Monday, October 2, 2017

September stitching

Well, got a bit more stitched and finished this month... just need to get them FFO'd now. They will go in the pile! Without further ado, let's see them!

First I finished Red Border Study II... I loved doing this, with all the different borders/bands... until the bottom. It called for my initials on the right side, which I took care of in the top alphabet. So I figured I would just duplicate the little design on that side too, and probably have room in the middle for a little something... Except the space in the middle wouldn't work for anything I tried, so I just gave up and put a nice red button there! Good enough! I hope to have it framed just like the first one, and then they will be put side-by-side... :)

This is a piece by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives, one of the club pieces that I tried with Dyeing to Stitch that first year. Yes, it has been languishing that long! It is called Holiday Patchwork. It stitched up pretty quickly... I have a frame all ready for it... 

This is a small piece by Lizzie Kate. Love it! I also have a small frame for this one!

 And this is by Country Cottage Needleworks. Technically, I finished it last night... but... if it wasn't for the fact that I lost a few hours of stitching time, by taking care of my granddaughter, it WOULD have been a September finish... so I am counting it!! It turned out to be a bear for some reason, when I got to the wording... I frogged it over and over and over. I thought perhaps the fabric was is 32-count Raw linen, and it is possible...I guess. Whatever... I finally adjusted everywhere and got it done! Dang! I also have a frame for this one, but think I will distress it first. 

Next on my To-do list is going to be lots of finishing... I just have to start! I took a tiny step today and finished framing a piece (well, I still have to attach the hanger on the back). It is an older piece, called Sachet, by a blogging friend, Marc Davis, who has since passed away. This is just ONE row of the piece (it was a BAP)... I got bored and called it quits. Then I had the perfect frame in my stash! Cool! One down!

Well, that's it for today. A quick post, but wanted to show what I've been working on! Don't know what I will stitch in October... I will surprise you!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pumpkins for Cathey 2017

It's Pumpkins for Cathey Day! Tho I am a bit late posting this morning, I have not forgotten our friend Cathey, a fellow blogger who bravely fought against her Breast Cancer, but passed away in October of 2013.  She loved Pumpkins, and her blog name was Pumpkin Patch & Co. She is still missed and not forgotten. Here are a few pictures of all kinds of pumpkins to honor her memory and to remind readers that they need to get a mammogram on a regular schedule. Prevention is a cure! I am very thankful that I got the one I did, and that I have been cancer-free to 10 years now! And I still get mammograms!

These painted pumpkins are my favorites!

I painted some Dollar Tree pumpkins pink one year! That was a chore! Took many coats!! The stitching is a Lizzie Kate design. Love the chenille trim!

I made the cube without any patterns, just stitched six designs, and figured out how to join them. A BIT more complicated than a four-sided Biscornu, but... easier than the 15-sided ones!

 I cannot imagine doing this cross stitch... think it is real??

This was a freebie that I stitched a few years back... 


This is a Cricket Collection piece from a very long time ago! But a reminder... Always Be Thankful!

(many of these pictures were grabbed from the internet, and are not mine...)

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

August finished pieces and a new start for September...

Well, I really cannot get a handle on what day it is lately... I think it is because I get interrupted constantly by my husband, to answer questions, go here or there, do this or that... He has not gone fishing in over TWO months, and I am about to go NUTS! So, I have not gotten as much stitched as I had hoped! Plus, I am losing my finishing mojo... mainly because I just cannot be interrupted while doing it, and I know I will be...☹  So this post is not as packed as I usually do...

My first finish was Prairie Schooler's Bird Song II. Boy, was that a fun stitch! I will get out and find the perfect frame for it.

And speaking of framing, I have decided I shall hang all my framed stitching that is not already in place. I usually have just switched it out for the seasons, but some are not seasonal and languish and others... well, I miss them! So, I have this huge Family Room upstairs, and LOTS of wall space... I am going to go out and get those Command hangers that you don't have to hammer and can easily move around, and just do it! I spend the most time up there...

So, my second and most recent finish was Peace on Earth that I had started last winter. This piece has once again confirmed.... I HATE stitching white!! At least big chunks of it! And getting constantly interrupted, I just kept messing up, losing my place, etc... So, this piece is as done as it is gonna be! Any 'changes' to it are going to be chalked up to 'my interpretation' of it, period!

So, that is all that I finished... I started a piece that has been languishing for over 5 years... I have wanted to do it... it was in my WIPs box even tho I had not yet started it! I had even kitted it! It is called Red Border Study II, and is by Heron House Designs. I do not believe she is in business anymore. But--I will soon have a matching set, because I did the Red Border Study design wayyyy back in 2011, and had it framed. I see it every morning when I wake up (along with about a dozen other favorites!!). I absolutely LOVE the frame, and am hoping I can get this second one done similarly!! We shall see. The fabrics are not the same color (this one is lighter), but they are the same count. And the thread I am using is Ribbon Red by Crescent Colors. I will go back and get the names and stuff to mention when I post the finish, just for comparison. Meanwhile, here is my progress picture! With my signature purple initials! ☺

I will be modifying it a bit, because she leaves room for three initials in the design, and I won't be needing to do that. But I have already figured out what else I will be doing! Stay tuned!

Lastly, one of the things that keeps me stitching, despite all the interruptions (since I have sat down here to do this post, I have been interrupted 2X!!) is watching Flosstube. I don't feel like I have to make videos, but I sure do love to watch them! I haven't quite figured out how to 'like' them or comment, but I will eventually! I have watched people from many different countries now! What fun! So, if you have the ability to watch YouTube videos while stitching, either on a television or a tablet, check into Flosstube... You never know what you will find!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ooops... one more July finish and a small August one!

Hello! That saying, 'Out of sight, out of mind, really DOES apply here! I had finished 'Jingle as Ye Enter' by Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe  in July, and I put it in with the finishing pile... totally forgetting to snap a picture of it! Yesterday, I took ALL of my finishing projects out, and look what I found!

Believe it or not, this is stitched on a light linen fabric! It has been raining here... so the light is awful for picture taking. Just imagine it on a cream colored linen... I haven't decided if I am going to frame it or make a wallhanging! oh the Suspense! :)

Then, beginning of August, I whipped out this little cutie by Little House Needleworks, called Silent Night of course! It will be a hanging ornament... But then I intend to stitch it again, and make either a flatfold or something along those lines that will NOT hang on a tree... Again, believe it or not, this is stitched on a piece of  36-count R&R Expresso ... shaking head sadly...

Next I have started stitching a largish piece, called Birdsong II, by Prairie Schooler. Love it! It is on a piece of 32-count Cream Linen that I purchased years ago, with the chart... when it was NEWish! So I'm using it! Kinda nice to use a larger count, plus I seem to be flying along. I am nearly half done! I TRIED to take a picture, but it came out SO dark, twice... forget it! 

Well, that is all this post. My NEXT post should be chock FULL of finishes, as I have taken them all out and have them ready to be started. Tho I tend to need better light, so maybe I shall start in earnest tomorrow! But they won't be done for a few weeks... Yes, I have that much!! Sigh... I will be reviewing Vonna's techniques, as her finishing is always par excellence! If you don't know about this gem, go visit her at Vonna's Blog ... you might be there for HOURS! 

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Monday, July 31, 2017

End of July and two finishes!

I really thought I would have more stitched this month, but... one thing or another interferred with my plans. Note to self: Don't bother making plans!!

Anyway, I have two finishes to share! One is a WIP... finally done! And one was a new one!

First is the WIP. It is Merry Christmas Ornaments by Country Cottage Needleworks. I don't know what specifically made me drag my heels on stitching this one for sooooo long, but... glad it is done! I may do a tiny little stitch on some of those straight stitches but... It will be framed and gifted. Stitched on R&R Old Mill Java, 36-count, 2 over two... that may be why I didn't enjoy the stitching... next time, one thread with 36-count!!

And then the new start, and finish... Willie's Quaker #7, by Monasterium? From an old digital issue of The Gift of Stitching. Again, it is unusual... I used a variegated thread by Hand Dyed Fibers called Examplar Autumn from Vicki Clayton (she no longer offers these threads), stitched on 36-count R&R Foggy Bottom fabric, ONE over two! It will be framed and I will hang it by the other Willie's Quaker that I did and love also (the one with the numbers across the middle)! I love the motifs, but sometimes I want to just surprise people with my stitching! :)

I took out a few, new, kitted projects to think about doing, and one WIP for August stitching. Who knows? I DEFINITELY want to do some finishing in August. Gads... there's a lot to be done! And I am ready! So, look forward to seeing a report in August! Maybe... :)

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finishes and one less WIP

I have five more finishes to share with you! I am cranking them out, aren't I? Ha!

First is the last 'Littles', called Peace, by Hands to Work... Now they are all finished, waiting to be made into little pillows for a bowl or something...

Next I finished 'Because it's Spring' by From the Heart... it was still late Spring (barely!) when I stitched it, and I just wanted something colorful at that moment! Not sure how it will be finished yet...stay tuned!

Then I finished another big, pain-in-the-butt piece called Daisy, which is a chart by JanLynn. This WAS a full coverage chart. At first I thought I would just do the flower and the words...but not the background. But as I went along, I hated the words too... I don't know if any of you have done this with a full coverage piece, but I basically marked the working copy of the chart up BIG time, by coloring out ALL the background EXCEPT for the daisy and stitching from there. It was tough going to me! I can't tell how many times I nearly threw it in the trash! But I stuck with it, and finally finished it.  By the way, I  also bought another chart by JanLynn, with an Aster I think... that will stay in my stash... not sure I will ever stitch it!!

After stitching such a complicated piece, I decided to go with a monochromatic piece and chose Birds Roundelay by Dessin. It was RAK'ed to me by my buddy Lisa... (Waving hello!!)  I used a piece of Americana Blend linen by R&R, and GA Peacock. I intended to do it in blues but that was last year! Hey a girl can change her mind!! It took about three four days to stitch... finished it Saturday night... late!! Ok, fine... Sunday morning...early!! As I was closing the circle, I noticed the FIRST bird was off by ONE thread... and try as I might, I could not let it go... so I had to frog about one eighth of the design and re-do it. But it turned out so cute... it was worth it!

And last night I finished this little one... in two days! It is by My Big Toe Designs, and I used a piece of 34-count mystery linen given to me years ago, and just picked DMC threads. Not sure what finish it will get. Still pondering...

So... News Flash! I decided to dump the Orcas! I just really hated stitching it. And could not force myself to go any further! I will buy my daughter a picture or something!! Ain't gonna get a stitched piece from ME! But--I am frogging it out because I really like the fabric! I've done a lot already, and for the most part, the holes are not visibly enlarged... But IF it ends up looking used and somewhat hole-y, does anyone have a tip as to how to make the holes shrink back to normal? I was thinking a rinse in hot/warm water? I appreciate any advice!

Don't know what I will stitch next... Am thinking I will pull out a WIP next. But the weather is hot and humid right now, so I will get plenty of time to stitch! So I just may finish a WIP and maybe pull a new one out to stitch also! Decisions, decisions!

Before I close, just wanted to share a little bunny taking a rest in our neighbor's yard. We found out yesterday the bunnies have tunneled under our deck! Not good, but we don't want to do anything to cause them to die under there, so hopefully they will move out in the fall... I don't know that much about them...yet!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello everyone! If anyone is still following me, thank you for being patient during my down time. I started stitching again in April, just a little at first... Now it is pretty much back to normal with stitching every day or at least at night. So, I have some finishes to share and then progress on a few of my WIPs. Let's get started! (In no particular order...)

I am really RESISTING new starts... but it is a struggle! How can you resist Maynia!!! I have worked on several of my WIPs and finished them, so I am happy about that! First is Sampler au Bouquet I by Jardin Prive. There are three separate parts to this, and I finished the first finally. I don't know if/when I will start the next one...

Next is Winter Messenger... by Erica Michaels. This is from her Petites Collection, you know... with the zillion-count gauze? I KNEW I would stitch it on linen... Turned out ever so cute! I think that it is stitched on Rue Green, though you wouldn't know it from my poor picture. Lighting is bad... cloudy day here.

Then there is C'est l ete by Tra La La Collection... Oh how I love this one! I don't know what I will do to finish it--if it will get framed or made into something... But it sure is pretty!  It reminds me that I picked strawberries twice this month! 👏

Next is a Britty Kitty ornament, from one of my older JCS Christmas magazines. I don't feel like getting up to find out the name, sorry! IF someone MUST know, let me know in comments, and I will do it then! Made this for my husband, so he can be represented on my purple tree! He likes cats... I made it with various purple threads. And a silvery-purple Kreinik or something like that... I actually made this in December, but... not in time enough for Christmas. I knew that...

Then I did Happy Spring by Heartstring Samplery. It was a quick and fun stitch, and I added that bumblebee button to make it more festive!

A couple of weeks back, I decided to stitch the Garden Duet pillows from Hands On Designs. But.. I was not in the mood to stitch 'Prosperity'... I didn't think it went well with 'Harmony', so I re-charted it to say 'Peace'... which I like! Now I have done two sets of these pillows (though they still need to actually be MADE into pillows!!).

I like quick stitches! but... I started some big ones, and I'm gonna finish most, if not all! And the last finish just recently done is Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers. Oh how I dragged my feet on that one! I stitched it one over two on 36-count linen, which was okay. But I really didn't like the row of pumpkins floating in the air... that really bugged me! However, I LOVE the stone house! And all in all, it came out fine... I will frame it...

Now... to some WIPs I have worked on lately... First is The Littles by Hands to Work. Finally finished my second one, and made a start on the third... If I concentrate on it for a couple of days, I can knock it out too... but... it's one over two on 40-count, and I struggle... But... I am going to say it will be finished in June, and hold myself to that or else!!!

The next WIP I've got going is the Orcas one for my daughter. I am thinking I can finish it for Christmas IF I keep at it... But... it is a tough one for me, with all the thread changes. I could NEVER do a BAP like a Mirabilia or HAED... not for me! Though I really LOVE them--finished!

I have put some time into John Foster during my respite... But now... I find that I have made a mistake somewhere and need to frog out a bunch... so... away it goes for a while, till I resign myself to that tedium... Here is my progress...

And I made a start on a Christmas Cardinal one... and never put it on the blog, so here is that...

I am liking this one... of course!! It's a BIRD!! I will have it done by Christmas time!

So, that's all I have to show at the moment!

BIG NEWS: I have discovered Flosstube! So, now I have company while I stitch, whenever I want! Not to slight a 'live' buddy, but the videos keep me inspired ALL THE TIME! We got a new BIG TV which is a 'smart tv' and it can do Apps, like YouTube...(and Flosstube).. Loving that! Which reminds me... if you still have an emongous tube TV like we did (it was a Sony, 36", about 20 years old, weighed 233 pounds, but it worked FINE!!) and you decide to downsize... good luck! I tried giving it away... no one wanted it! And none of the thrift stores would take it! But, I called the city trash recyclers, and they said they would take it away for us! I had two neighbor husbands (young ones!) come over on trash day, and they struggled! My husband had to help, which is what I wanted to avoid... sigh... but... what a relief when they got it to the curb and it was removed the next day! Hopefully they can find use for some of the parts!! So... all this to say, Flosstube--try it!

Okay--I am off to stitch! If you've gotten this far, thank you So Much for sticking with my blog! I shall continue posting every once in a while, when I have something to share...